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Why Act Now?

Future proof your business by breaking the stigma around the menopause.

Supporting women through the menopause will increase engagement and loyalty; lower sickness absence and employee turnover.

Fostering an age and gender-inclusive workplace can help tap into the valuable skills and talent of this fast growing segment of the workforce.

By removing barriers to progression for women can help employers close their gender pay gap.

Employers have a legal duty to ensure working conditions do not exacerbate someone's symptoms and that employees do not face discrimination. The implications can be costly both financially and reputationally.

Can you afford not to act?

Why is the menopause a workplace issue?

  • Women of menopausal age are the fastest growing working demographic in the UK
  • 8% of women reported they have not applied for promotion
  • The number of successful employment tribunals against employers is growing year on year
  • Approximately 75% of women in menopause are in work
  • Over 60% of women experience symptoms & 25% will experience severe symptoms
  • 10% of women have left their jobs due to menopause symptoms (that represents approx 333,000 women across the UK)
  • 14% have reduced their working hours

The Menopause Clock is Ticking

Reduce your risk Protect your reputation Increase your revenue
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As every person is unique, so is every business

We work with your organisation to develop a bespoke and proactive approach to Menopause in the Workplace Education and Awareness, with programmes that meet both your strategic and operational objectives.

Programmes can be designed and delivered in a variety of ways including:

  • Face to Face Workshops
  • Lunch & Learn Sessions
  • Virtual Workshops
  • One to One Coaching
  • Webinars
  • Focus Groups

Menopause Awareness at Work for Employees

For all employees to raise awareness of menopause, open up the conversation and generate engagement.

Example Topics:

  • What is Menopause
  • Troublesome symptoms
  • Managing the impact of Menopause at work
  • Having open & honest conversations
  • Supporting Menopause at work

Menopause Awareness at Work for Managers and HR

For Line Managers and HR, to raise awareness of menopause at work and understand how they can take a confident, proactive, and positive approach to supporting their team.

Example Topics (as above plus):

  • The role of the Manager
  • Understanding the Benefits of Supporting Employees
  • How to handle open, honest & sensitive conversations
  • Understanding the legal context
  • Recommended Workplace Adjustments
  • Workplace policies, resources and signposting

Menopause Champions

For Menopause Champions, to raise awareness of menopause at work and understand the role of the Champion in the workplace.

  • The role of the Champion
  • Having open, honest & sensitive conversations
  • Understanding the legal context
  • Recommended workplace adjustments
  • Workplace policies, resources and signposting

Menopause Consultancy

  • Strategic Planning
  • Action Plan Development
  • Framework Guidance
  • Policy Review
  • Employee Engagement Strategy
  • Internal Communication Development
  • One to One Coaching & Support
  • Customer Programmes
  • Long Term Partnership Approach

By developing a long term systematic approach to menopause in the workplace it will benefit your staff wellbeing, protect your organisational reputation & culture as well as improving talent retention. Left unsupported you risk losing staff at the 'peak' of their experience; leading to increased costs, reduced return on investment and lower productivity.

Typically, 1 in 3 women in the workplace will be peri or post menopause (Ref 1)

44% of women say their ability to work had been affected by the impact of menopause(Ref 3)

Nearly two thirds of women report they have lost motivation to work due to their symptoms (Ref 3)

A long-term health & wellbeing programme including menopause will have at least a 5x return on investment (Ref 2)

Meet the Team

Mission Menopause is the brain child of co-founders Elissa Dobson and Caroline Walters and we are excited to be changing the narrative about menopause in the workplace.

We are both qualified and accredited Executive Menopause Coaches and specialise in menopause, mindset and leadership coaching in the workplace.

We pride ourself on remarkable customer service and person centred service delivery, with a key focus on engaging people at all levels, providing education that meets the needs of the whole organisation and empowers individuals and managers to embrace positive cultural change.

We have extensive corporate executive management experience, partnering with Executive Boards and Senior Management Teams directing strategic and operational focused solutions. We empathetically recognise and understand both the business and people needs that combine to achieve commercial success.

Elissa Dobson

Co-Founder & Coach

Following a 20 year career in Healthcare management including most recently as a Hospital Operations Manager, Elissa has a particular interest in communication styles and proactive positive mindset techniques to benefit all staff to better understand the menopause journey.

Caroline Walters

Co-Founder & Coach

Caroline combines her extensive corporate executive HR experience spanning over 20 years, latterly as Head of HR for a leading FTSE 250 hospitality brand with her passion for coaching and particularly supporting women in business to be authentic and successful.

We've personally experienced the impact of menopause through our own careers, and therefore understand the thousands of women who's careers are hindered due to a lack of education and understanding.

Looking back we realised that no one was talking about menopause or dealing with the impact of it for employee's or the organisation. It was almost a taboo subject.


By 2025, our mission is to engage with progressive organisations and to educate 100,000 people about the impact of menopause in the workplace, and empower change to benefit individuals and businesses now and for generations to come.

Engage, Educate, Empower – Menopause in the Workplace.


The following are a few of the reviews received by workshop attendees and business owners we've had the pleasure to work with, educate and support during 2022.

Can your organisation afford not to be menopause aware?

Whether you work within a large or small organisation, predominantly female or male, your employees and business will in some way, be affected by menopause.

Menopause Experts

We are delighted to be official Brand Licensed partners with the award winning Menopause Experts Group. Enabling us to provide yourorganisation with up-to-date scientifically based and medically backed information.

Mission Menopause Coaching & Consulting

Contact us today to discuss your organisations current or future requirements. We understand that every organisation is different and we look forward to supporting and partnering with you on your journey to become more menopause aware!

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